Make a Difference with Volunteer for the Visayans

Founded in 2004, VFV is dedicated to sustainable development projects in the areas of child welfare, community development, education, and public health, through our Volunteer, Sponsorship, and Community programs. VFV's main community center and head office is located in Tacloban City, Philippines.

Sponsor A Child

Our Child Sponsorship program provides various social welfare services to primary and secondary school children from low-income families. Each sponsored child receives financial support to cover their educational costs, daily nutritional feedings, monthly groceries, annual health check ups, and access to many other resources and seasonal activities. You can sponsor a child for just $25 USD a month!

Volunteer With Us

We offer a range of volunteer placements across a variety of fields and interest areas, so we can cater to nearly any international volunteer's hopes and dreams of volunteering abroad! From rural health clinics to orphanages to nutrition projects, our placements are tried and true, as are our homestays who accommodate dozens of volunteers each year. All volunteers have access to extensive orientation and 24/7 staff support!

Community Program

Part of what makes VFV special is our well-rounded dedication to the communities we serve, especially the communities in which our three distinct community centers are located. Through various community programs and projects, we continue to expand our impact and assistance to families in need. From building homes to distributing school supplies to our annual medical mission, we are dedicated to making a difference!


An Elderly Woman in Need of Help

Recap: Lola Cion is an elderly grandmother 80 years old with the responsibility of raising her three grandchildren and is located on a remote island off the coast of Planza, Babatngon, Leyte which is only accessible by a boat. Before, Lola Cion spent her days undergoing chores such as collecting firewood or farming root crops

Lapaz Leyte Rural Health Unit

16th VFV Medical Mission

It is a VFV annual tradition to hold a medical mission in a specific municipality in Leyte, Philippines. The organization advocates community health and the medical mission is one of the means in accomplishing this. On the 22nd of April 2016 VFV will conduct the medical mission at Lapaz, Leyte, Philippines. This event will involve