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From the Field


I was given an opportunity to attend a camp, “Senior Youth Camp 2015” last May 10-15 at the Higatangan Island Beach Resort, Naval, Biliran, with the camp verse Colossians 3:12-7 / Timothy 2:1-7.

The theme set apart means being holy, forgiving and loving. Being set apart for the God is the thing tDavid, second to the left with his fellow scholarshat I really desire and the thing that reflects to me the most is the words of our God.

This was my first time to attend a camp and for that I was thankful to God for giving me a chance. When we were already at the camp, at first, I feel like I was kind of out of place with everyone but still I was blessed for what God wants me to carry out.

I thought it was going to be a little bit boring but as time passed, I enjoyed my days at the camp and with the other youths and it was the most memorable and treasured part of my life for I have learned and experience things I have never done before in my entire life.

Our cell group leaders asked us on what are we going to entrust to our God? I told the leaders that I will keep on going to be commited and setting apart with God.

After the sessions and preaching during the Testimony Time I have then realized, that I would entrust my whole life to God as my savior and redeemer. I also realized on how much God loves us because of his son “Lord Jesus Christ” died on the cross for our sins so that we could be forgiven and go to be with the Lord.


During the Testimony Time, I always asked God to gave me strength to share with everyone.

YouthCamp2I have shared to them about the things that happened on the entire camp and the words of our God, and on what I have learned on the Youth Camp.

I will treasure this memories forever and I want to express gratitude to those people who has been a part of my stay on the camp.

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Written by: David M. Picardal Jr. – VFV College Scholar / Dumpsite Project

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Nutrition project

Among a lot of VFV programs, VFV was in Palo for the nutrition project. On May 6, two volunteers, Kristie and Roxanne from VFV in Tacloban City where in Palo feeding 36 children.

These Sponsored children receive from VFV a nutrition diet that allow them to develop and grow adequately. This project was intended to fight hunger and against malnutrition.

With this project, it’s possible to measure (BMI) their development gradually. Since the nutrition project began,  VFV can feed more Filipino children with the Sponsorship Program.

It’s grateful to see them happy.


Photo credit to volunteer Roxanne.

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Income-Generating Activities for Nanays

Always a fun time with the Nanays with big smiles and high motivation

March 3, 2015, Nanays in Cangumbang, Palo have their monthly Future Funds meeting

The meeting of the Nanays of the Cangumbang. Palo community has come together for their monthly future funds meeting at the Volunteer for the Visayans Community Centre. Community coordinator Maila and volunteer Judith teach the mothers various skills and techniques on how they can save and make money for the future funds program.

The VFV Future Funds program records and monitors mothers who have signed up to save 6 consecutive months of income and pool their money together to allow them to have access to future loans incase of emergencies and investing in income generating activities.

The program also encourages the nanays to set personal and financial goals in each meeting while the coordinators help keep track and reach their goals. From financial budgeting, saving for post-secondary education, improving the diets of their children, investing in entrepreneurship, and children’s success in school. Community coordinator Maila monitors their progress and keeps them on track to reach their goals for an improved future for their families.

Community volunteer Judith also encourages the mothers to participate in more income-generating activities to allow for easier savings of money for their future funds program. Such skills and activities include selling handicrafts like bracelets and making local delicacies.

One particular area she is passionate about is investing in homemade peanut butter rather than purchasing it from the store, then selling it for extra income. Just one tablespoon of peanut butter is high in protein with nutrients to help increase the weight of the children.

Nanays and sponsored children cleaning up for the future vegetable garden in Cangumbang, Palo

What’s the next goal for the nanays? Creating a vegetable garden just outside of the VFV centre in Cangumbang for them to sell to VFV volunteers in the Nutrition Program, like Judith, who provides healthy homemade meals to sponsored children in the Cangumbang community. abundant with vegetables found in traditional Filipino cuisine, leftover crop will be sold within the community.

With this program and partnership with Volunteer for the Visayans, the nanays, their families and the Cangumbang community can reap and sow the rewards of sustainable food supply and extra income.

Written by: Monica Belen Luzano – Media Intern from Canada

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