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Everyone deserves a second chance. Find out how VFV is helping people get theirs.

Sometimes school life gets interrupted – your family breaks up, you need to care for a sick loved one, you are forced to work to support your family. Perhaps Typhoon Yolanda destroyed your home and forced you to move far away from your school. Doing what was necessary to survive and helping your family recover

An Elderly Woman in Need of Help

Recap: Lola Cion is an elderly grandmother 80 years old with the responsibility of raising her three grandchildren and is located on a remote island off the coast of Planza, Babatngon, Leyte which is only accessible by a boat. Before, Lola Cion spent her days undergoing chores such as collecting firewood or farming root crops

Building the foundation for a brighter future

Situated in Mohon, a Barangay located in the municipality of Tanuan, Carl Dominic and his family’s newly constructed home stands tall and proud just steps away from their previous house. Carl, a Volunteer for the Visayans sponsored child, lives with his Uncle Egardo, his aunt, and their two daughters. The Doyola’s new place is part