An act of Kindness: A Tribute to Mother Teresa

Missionaries of Charity in Tacloban City is a religious organization founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  It helps the poor, sick, and needy. It was founded in 1995 and has been helping out indigent families. The nuns go out into the communities to render humanitarian aid to different sectors of the society in need. Missionaries

Greetings from Heaven

International Volunteer Jessica Calderone, from Endwell, NY, USA, volunteered at the Women Shelter for 6 weeks. The women at the shelter and Jess started a project called “Greetings from Heaven.” They have been making bracelets and crochet crafts, like flowers, bookmarkers, hearts and bows, to sell. All proceeds benefit the women at the shelter. The

a young plant

How can you help troubled boys grow and thrive? The 3 R’s!

50% of crimes committed by children in the Philippines are theft or crimes against property. Poverty is often the root cause. Some of these boys will find themselves at the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth (RRCY) near Tanauan. It is currently home to some 56 boys. VFV ‘s role at the center is to provide

Project Focus: Tacloban City Street Kids Centre

There is a street children centre for all boys in Tacloban City. It is called Social Development  Center for Children (SDCC), a social welfare  institution operated by Tacloban City Social  Welfare Development Office.  The boys being  accommodated in the centre are between 5-17  years old.  They are the kids who have been  neglected and abandoned