An Elderly Woman in Need of Help

C360_2015-09-07-12-01-30-913Recap: Lola Cion is an elderly grandmother 80 years old with the responsibility of raising her three grandchildren and is located on a remote island off the coast of Planza, Babatngon, Leyte which is only accessible by a boat.

Before, Lola Cion spent her days undergoing chores such as collecting firewood or farming root crops and vegetables in order to make an income to support her family. At the moment, because of Lola Cion’s condition she just stay in her house for the reason that she can’t see clearly and she is getting older.

VFV monthly visit to Planza to check on Lola Cion’s status and her three granddaughters while at the same time handing out for their monthly grocery subsidy. This could be a great help because the family lacks a sufficient income to provide some of the basic necessities.

Her three granddaughters are now studying while taking care of their grandmother and doing the things their grandmother used to do to make an income for their daily needs.

Out of the three grandchildren of Lola Cion, two are enrolled under our Sponsorship Program Joyce and Gentil. The eldest is Joyce 12 years old and is on Grade 6.

She have been in the program for a long time while Gentil 9 years old is on Grade 4 and have been enrolled in the program for almost a year.

Christmas is fast approaching, on behalf of VFV, we are praying and calling to everyone who has a generous heart to support Lola Cion and her 3 grandchildren.

To support Lola Cion and her granddaughters, we would like to request donations for their needs. To make a donation visit:

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