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Lola Cion's House

Lola Cion’s House

Featured last January 07, 2012 of GMA Imbestigador was an elderly woman named Lola Cion. She strived to work in spite of her age (80 years old) while having the sole responsibility of raising her three grandchildren.  Since then VFV has been supporting her with the help of our donors.

Lola Cion’s house is located on a remote island off the coast of Planza, Babatngon, Leyte which is only accessible by boat.

The family has been living in a dilapidated house. Since then, the family has been residing in an uncomfortable living environment with little or no way to improve their situation. 

We would like to change it even in the smallest way with the help of our donors.

The restoration of this house provides Lola Cion’s family with building a better future. One that looks brighter for her grandchildren.

Though it was a challenge to transport the construction materials from the source to the port of the island of Planza, we were able to manage the task. 

The restoration of Lola Cion’s house will start this week. VFV would like to express it’s Christmas heartwarming gratitude to our donors for rebuilding the house of Lola Cion.

                                                            “An amazing and wonderful Christmas gift for our Lola Cion”.

Volunteer for the Visayans had continued to help and build houses for families living in unsafe and uncomfortable living environments. A total of 46 homes had been constructed since 2004. 

For many of the families that Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) had helped, it is where the families can escape the rain dripping cracks from the ceiling, the walls that doesn’t shake in with heavy winds  and a better comfortable place to stay. That is our mission!

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