In Yolanda’s wake: VFV’s Director reflects

A year on from history’s worst recorded storm, VFV Director of Operations Helena Claire A. Canayong looks back on VFV’s work rehabilitating the communities ravaged by Typhoon Yolanda. The 35-year-old mother of two was forced to take her family and swim to higher ground when Yolanda struck in November last year. “My husband and I

FAQ: What to Expect From Volunteering with VFV

We frequently receive inquiries from volunteers that span from their ability to participate in our programs to accessibility to basic needs during their stay to what to expect when they step off the plane. This post is devoted to answering some of those common questions, and please feel free to comment if we missed some

Elsa Thomasma – Returning Volunteer

As a returning volunteer to VFV in July 2011, I knew most of what to expect from my 5 month stay in the Philippines. Not only did I fall back in the love with the Philippines, but through VFV’s placements and projects I was able to gain a greater understanding of the Philippines as a whole, and go grow to know and love completely different aspects of their culture and many knew people.