Making a difference in rural Tacloban – a day in the life of VFV volunteer Erin

What is it like to be a volunteer on a medical placement? Erin (19) is a trainee paramedic from Australia who has been working at Pastrana Rural Health Unit near Tacloban for a couple of weeks. She is getting to put into practice skills gained at home plus learn plenty of new ones with the

“Ontario Youth Making a Difference”

“The Accessible Education Association Ontario is a youth-led organization devoted to creating educational opportunities for children and youth in underprivileged areas. This group of high school students aims to deliver and provide educational supplies to underfunded schools such as stationery, textbooks, and novels to children and youth in areas where resources in education are lacking.

Sagkahan Orphanage

Many orphanages in the Philippines are often understaffed and the children do not always get the level of attention and care they require. Volunteer for the Visayans offers volunteers the opportunity to help out in these orphanages to ensure the kids are getting the level of care any child deserves. The children are often abandoned

Meet The Sponsored Children

Karren Gahuman, nineteen years old, is a beautiful young woman who lives in Bliss, Tacloban. She has been sponsored so far for 8 eight years, since grade five. Karren is doing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She will graduate in two years. She loves to play guitar and dance. Since her sponsoring, the young woman