Mothers get cooking for sponsored kids

Mothers of sponsored children in Cangumbang are heading into the kitchen and cooking nutritious food for their kids through one of VFV’s feeding programmes. Volunteers have always cooked lunch for the 35 children sponsored through VFV in the village but in an attempt to make the community more self-sufficient they have started handing over some of the duties

Making a Difference through Nutrition

Last December 2011, VFV proudly launched a brand new, purpose-built community centre in Barangay Sto. Nino. Built by volunteers and locals, with the help of GoAbroad Foundation and Causes, this new building was six months in the making, and when finished, was intended to serve as the hub of the local community.

The building is currently at the centre of several VFV projects, including a Nutrition Project in which Racha Yehia volunteers with. I caught up with her at the community centre to see the impact of her work.

SAN JUAN NUTRITION: Education is the Key

Hippocrates may have been two thousand years ahead of his time when he noted “our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food”, but, as any nutritionist will tell you – encouraging people to eat healthily is still an uphill struggle.

Yet, this is exactly what Max Griffiths and Lizzie Greenwood, current nutrition volunteers at VFV, are attempting to achieve. Having just embarked upon a ten-month placement based in the small village of San Juan, they are implementing a major project aiming to tackle malnourishment in local children. Not only are they providing daily free meals, but also offering education on healthy eating and practical solutions for local families which – crucially – are sustainable in the long term.