Preparing male youths for adulthood with VFV’s Boys Club


In the Philippines, it is very common for boys aging between 12 to 20 years old to belong to a clique or fraternity. Unfortunately, such groups do not always come with activities advantageous to its members. At an early age, some members are exposed to gang wars, petty crimes, smoking, drinking and even drugs. Because not all under this group or age feel comfortable with such activities, willingness and determination gave some boys the initiative to form their own circle of friends, thus the Boys’ Club began. The club is composed of 12 to 20 year old boys, most of whom reside within the local community (BLISS) and neighboring communities. Currently there are 23 boys enrolled in the club, who participate regularly in weekly meetings. Over the past few years, the Boys have been involved with communal gardening, clean-up drives, community restoration projects and have acted as role models and mentors for younger children in VFV’s Juniors Club.

Purpose of the Club:

The purpose of the Boys club is to encourage them to be a responsible part of the community. Programs have been created for them in order to develop their leadership skills, provide opportunities for planning, decision making, organization and basic management skills.

In recent years, VFV has invited the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to assist in developing training projects for the boys through their Youth Program.

 Aside from everything else, the group also teaches the boys the value of voluntarism and sharing.

How you can help the Boys:

Make a donation and contact us about developing a livelihood project or facilitating a skills training session.

With additional funding we can establish and develop entrepreneurial skills with the boys so that they can develop small businesses to help supplement their education or households.