Build Homes, Build Lives with the VFV Build-A-Home Project


Build-A-Home Project began life in 2005, following an anonymous donation that helped construct simple house for a widowed mother and her five children. Prior to the completion of the project, the family had lived in dilapidated and unlivable conditions. The tin roof leaked so much that a water pool had grown in the mud floor, putting at risk the health and safety of her children. Since then, Volunteer for the Visayans has continued to build houses for families living in unsafe and uncomfortable living environments. From as little as two hundred thousand peso (P200,000.00) or about four thousand dollars, Volunteer for the Visayans can complete a simple safe living structure for a low income family.

This is a great project for a philanthropy or club donation. Unlike many of our projects which involve nurturing and education, the Build A Home Project has instant results. A poor family is given a better life in just a couple of weeks.

Since Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), the need for strong sustainable living conditions has never been so dire. All across Leyte and Samar, thousands of families have been displaced. The situation with rebuilding homes however is not as simple or as clear-cut as one would immediately think, but VFV would like to take on the challenge of being able to build homes that will secure a roof for a family in need. 

Volunteer for the Visayans through the support of donations and volunteers aim to build a resilient home one at a time. Update as of July 2019 we had constructed a total of 53 homes for our sponsored children since the project started.

How You Can Help

The Volunteer for the Visayans Build-A-Home Project is an ongoing initiative that desperately needs the support of international donors and volunteers. You can contact Wimwim at for more information about this project or send a donation via our sister-foundation the GoAbroad Foundation 501 (c)(3) through our donations page.