Turning a hobby into a livelihood with VFV’s Laura’s Craft


Laura’s Craft is a livelihood project initiated by a former international volunteer who went beyond her regular volunteering commitment to develop an arts and crafts based livelihood project for low income residents in the local community.  The club focuses on making a variety of different products which are then sold to generate earnings for the group members.

Over the years, Laura’s Craft have developed a number of different items such as eco-bags, which were made from recyclable materials, various tourist souvenirs and most prominently school bags for children enrolled on the Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) Child Sponsorship Program and Dumpsite ProjectBy purchasing our schools bags from Laura’s Craft, VFV can reduce its program overheads and  also produce livelihood for the Laura’s Craft group.

Recent Projects

School Bags: Every year Laura’s Craft contributes to the creation of school bags for children enrolled on VFV’s  various Child Welfare Projects. The group make a number of different styled bags and offer them for sale to the Child Sponsorship Program, which can purchase the bags at a cheaper rate than what it would in a conventional store. This enables VFV to keep some of its spending internal.

Eco-Bags: Recently tarpaulin donated from McDonald’s restaurant in Tacloban City was converted into Eco-friendly shopping bags.

School bags of our Sponsored Children made by our Lauras Craft

How You Can Help

Got a creative and cost-effective idea for Laura’s Craft, why not contact us and help us brainstorm for ideas.

Aside from that, you can make a donation to help the group purchase materials and equipment. Even the smallest of donations can be utilized.