Help a young Filipino reach their full potential – Sponsor A Scholar

Sponsor A Scholar in the Philippines for only $300 US a year ($25 a  month) and help young Filipino’s economically

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disadvantaged backgrounds acquire the help they need to fulfill their full potential. In almost all cases, the vast majority of moderate and well-paid jobs in the Philippines require at least a college diploma and it is thereby becoming more necessary for Filipino youths to complete the transition from high school to college in order to achieve prosperity for both themselves and their families.

Unfortunately for many individuals, their dreams of becoming college graduates is swept away by the reality that their family does not have the economic means to support the payment of various college related fees and quite frankly there is not enough local projects to efficiently deal with the number of students facing such circumstances.

Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) with it’s long history in cooperating with educational institutes and local communities has henceforth established it’s Sponsor-A-Scholar project to not only act as a sensible further step for children graduating from it’s Child Sponsorship Program and Dumpsite Project, but to also offer fresh hope for youths currently outside of its current projects who need financial support in order to help their academic dreams come true.


Since most academic courses last for a period of four years, we ask benefactors to kindly take into consideration if they will be able to offer support across this time frame. Not going to college is extremely frustrating for youths with economic problems, however starting college and not having the means to finish can also be equally as frustrating. If you don’t think you’ll be able to support a scholar for four years but still want to help, then why not contact our staff and we’ll help discuss other options such as you assisting shorter vocational courses.

Why VFV?

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There are a number of sponsor-a-scholar initiatives on the internet and finding the right one to reciprocate your good intentions is a crucial factor. Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) believes it sets itself apart from other projects due to the multi-faceted nature of the entire organization. Not only does the scholar have access to his or her college expenses, but both themselves and their relatives may have the opportunity to explore other VFV projects such as the mothers club, which provides business training and micro-financing for low-income mothers or the Boys and Girls club which provide character building and life enriching activities for local adolescents.

Aside from this, Volunteer for the Visayans is able to pay close personal attention to its scholars through the support offered by its long-serving and professional staff. Further VFV does not deduct any administrative costs from your annual sponsorship.

What the Program Provides the Scholar…

Scholars with active sponsors will be provided with access to the following services:-

– Full payment of enrollment expenses for VFV approved courses at approved further academic institutes.
– Full payment of exam related expenses and tutoring fees for VFV approved courses at approved further academic institutes.
– Full payment of course required text books, uniforms and other project related expenses for VFV approved courses at approved further academic institutes
– Close support from local VFV staff including career guidance

What the Program Provides the Sponsors…

Active sponsors will be provided with regular updates and communication with VFV local staff regarding the academic performance and well being of their scholar as well as having the opportunity to engage in two-way correspondence through mail. Upon graduation, sponsors will be provided with a framed color photograph of their scholar at their graduation ceremony.

Contact us to receive more information.