Congratulations Kareen! How VFV helps students succeed in education.

The sun is beating down on the students lining up to enter the ceremony hall at Eastern Visayas State University. Finally we spot her – Kareen, one of VFV’s sponsored students. Today she graduates with a BA in Maths.

Kareen family close up

Kareen and her family











VFV Sponsorship

Kareen’s involvement with VFV began when she joined a dance club we were running. She enjoyed this so much she decided to join our VFV Girl’s Club.

She then got chosen for the sponsor-a-scholar program due to her good grades. This meant that we made sure she got the necessary school materials and therefore the same opportunity to succeed as students from more wealthy backgrounds. The financial support provided to Kareen meant that she could remain in education right until graduation and did not have to drop out to find a job.

In order to remain in the program she had to maintain her good grades and also attend various VFV activities. Kareen volunteered at a medical mission, helped with cooking for sponsored kids and conducted maths tutorials at the center.

Kareen and her professor

Kareen and her professor

Kareen mum in hat

Kareen’s mum tries on the cap







Being helped and helping others

It’s very much a virtuous circle – Kareen received help from VFV and in turn helped many others.

Whilst waiting for Kareen to return from the ceremony I speak to her family.

They are clearly very proud of their daughter. This is a special day for them. I ask her mum to describe how she feels about today in three words: “accomplishment, achievement, joy”

Kareen emerges from the ceremony hall – her certificate in hand, a large smile on her face. She celebrates with her friends, they laugh and throw their caps in the air.

What will she do next? Continue her education – a masters in teaching. She will then go on to help others improve their lives.

Join us in helping more students like Kareen achieve their potential by sponsoring a scholar.


Story and photos: Liz Avery VFV Media Intern

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