Construction Begins on VFV’s Community Center at the Dumpsite!

After months of preparation and planning, the foundations for VFV’s second community center at Barangay Sto. Niño, Tacloban City have finally begun to be dug!

The center, which will act as a primary base of operations for clients on VFV’s Dumpsite Project will hope to make the same impact to local residents that VFV’s current community center gave to the community of Bliss, Sagkahan more than half a decade ago.

The building itself will be a one-storey 24 x 26 feet concrete structure complete with a bathroom, kitchenette, storage room and classroom that will not only provide an environment for clients enrolled on the Dumpsite Project to have a fixed meeting place for enrichment activities, but will also offer VFV the opportunity to give birth to future projects that aim to empower the local and nearby communities through focussed long term sustainable developments.

Looking ahead, the construction of the center will also tie in with VFV’s long term plans to present itself as one of the single most important non-government agencies in Region VIII and will hopefully open up the chance to place international volunteers in the community to help aid with long term development plans. International volunteers often tend to be one of the major sources of inspiration for the development of projects and in some cases can even bring specialist skills that can be passed on to local communities, VFV is therefore extremely optimistic about what can be further achieved in Sto. Niño.

Over the years, VFV’s current community center in Bliss has enabled the growth of Dance Projects, Projects for local Mothers, Youth Groups and much much more! We are hoping that with a lot of hard work and determination that similar projects can be replicated in Sto. Niño, thus aiding VFV’s long term mission and goal to empower disadvantaged Filipino communities.

Funding for the project was accumulated through the Facebook Causes application and through the diligent support of VFV’s sister organization the Goabroad Foundation, located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Volunteer for the Visayans would like to thank all of our donors who helped contribute towards the project and sincerely look forward to updating you all upon the final completion of the project.

For anyone with any inquiries about the new center or who may wish to contribute towards it, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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