Getting ready for school

It’s almost the end of May and June is fast approaching. It’s time to get ready for the 2nd of June 2014, the time kids are all waiting for. They are excited to go back to school, see their friends, exchange stories and gossip. But above all, they are excited to use their new school supplies and wear new uniform and shoes.

Like actual parents, the sponsorship program coordinators of Volunteer for the Visayans busied themselves shopping for school supplies, bags, and uniforms. It was not an easy feat because they shopped for 122 children, boys and girls in elementary and high school.  After shopping they sorted and packed the supplies individually in consideration of each child’s needs. The community program with more than 50 sponsored kids under the Dumpsite Program also shopped and distributed schools supplies. They have distributed to 36 students.

Sponsorship coordinators sorting and packing school supplies

For the past several years, the sponsorship and community program have been shopping, packing, and distributing school supplies annually. Education being the main component of the sponsorship program and dumpsite project, it is very important to provide the children with the needs as they start a new school year.

VFV’s goal is to support a child’s education and in so doing lessen the financial burden on the parents especially if there are more siblings in the family to send to school. Aside from school supplies, VFV’s sponsorship program also shoulders some of the children’s school fees, contributions, and projects. No, VFV does not take all, but share the financial responsibility of sending children to school.

The distribution is not merely a gesture. It is far more important, more meaningful. Think of all the kids who want to attend school but can’t because their parents could not afford to buy them a notebook, pen, and paper. For the sponsored kids, receiving school supplies is an assurance that they can go and start school right on time. That they, and the parents won’t have to worry about getting the budget for the supplies. If they have money, it can be saved and used for later needs.

Sponsored kids under the Dumpsite Project

As these kids once again start a new school year and another chapter in their pursuit of education, let us all welcome them back to school! May they value this opportunity and strive to do well in their class.

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