Greetings from Heaven

International Volunteer Jessica Calderone, from Endwell, NY, USA, volunteered at the Women Shelter for 6 weeks.

Women Shelter's Craft

Women Shelter’s Craft

The women at the shelter and Jess started a project called “Greetings from Heaven.” They have been making bracelets and crochet crafts, like flowers, bookmarkers, hearts and bows, to sell.

All proceeds benefit the women at the shelter. The money will be used by the women to help finance their education and/or help provide for their families once they’ve been discharged from the shelter.”

Suggested retail value in the USA is as follows:

  • Bracelets- $3
  • Flower bookmarkers-$4
  • Hearts $2
  • Flowers- $2, $1.50. or $0.50 depending on size
  • Bows-$0.50, $1 or $3 depending on size
  • Basket- $6

Suggested retail value in the Philippines

  • Bracelets- 25 pesos
  • Flower bookmarkers- 60 pesos
  • Hearts- 25 pesos
  • Flowers- 20, 25 or 10 pesos depending on size
  • Bows- 40, 15 or 10 pesos depending on size

If you’d like to help these young women earn, you can support this cause by purchasing any of the above items they have made. Please contact Jessica Calderone through Facebook if you are interested in making a purchase.

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