Helping the youth shine

Jaylito plans to ‘make a difference’

Original VFV Boys Club member, Jaylito Gapate is a rising star in his Bliss community and he says he owes it all to his relationship with VFV.

The 24-year-old is realising his passion for building stronger communities now that he is a fully-fledged member of the VFV team.

“It felt very good to be an official employee at VFV — it was easy because I already knew everybody.”

“It is also a relief that I can help to support my family.”

When the VFV centre opened in Bliss in 2005, Jaylito signed up for VFV’s first Boys Club. Boys Club is a community project aimed at steering local boys away from drugs, crime and gang warfare with weekly activities that encourage leadership and responsibility.

“It was a lot of fun — there were about 25 of us and we were all from the same barangay,” recalled Jaylito.

“It was great to travel outside of the barangay and experience new people and places.

“It’s an important project because it helps to shape the local boys into people who are active in and care for their community.”

Seeing promise in Jaylito, VFV Director Helena Claire Canayong nominated him for VFV’s Sponsor A Scholar program — which teams up disadvantaged youths with foreign sponsors for the duration of their college diploma.

Jaylito graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Technology and soon after he was approached with a VFV job offer.

Jaylito relishes the chance to help disadvantaged youths reach their full potential — as VFV did with him.

“I really enjoy the work we do helping communities in need,” said Jaylito.

“I especially like the impact VFV has on a child’s life — our work gives children the opportunity to have a brighter future.”

Would you like to give disadvantaged youths, like Jaylito, the chance to go to college? Click here to find out more about VFV’s Sponsor A Scholar Project!

*Written by volunteer Emma Bailie, journalist from Australia


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