Our local volunteers helping with the activities of the Sponsorship Program

Volunteer for the Visayans article is about our three noble local volunteers which we called the “Crisel’s Angels”. The title derived based on the American movie “Charlies Angels” as they are always a company of three. Martin, 21 years old, a licensed Medical Technologist, Deo, 21 years old, graduate of Arts in Political Science and Gabriel, 27 years old and currently a student. They started their journey last April 2017 as a local volunteer with the different activities of the Sponsorship Program, the Volunteer Program and with the Community Program from packing, distributing subsidies, organizing games and activities with our sponsored children  and with Volunteer for the Visayans Annual Medical Mission. I had a chance to ask them some of these questions.

How did you know about Volunteer for the Visayans?                                                                                                 

Based on the researched we have done, Volunteer for the Visayans is one of the outstanding NGO providing social welfare services in the province of Leyte. We also saw someone wearing a VFV shirt here in Tacloban City not sure were exactly, maybe in  downtown. We also saw a big tarp somewhere in the downtown area. We had also seen through social medias and lastly through words of encouragement from our Sponsorship Program Coordinator Crisel, as we were a former students of Crisel before when she was still a teacher.

What encourage you to volunteer with us?

We love to help other people particularly to those children who are in need and they are glad to be part of a child’s future build up. To connect and help people, encourage us to be part of this organization.

What was your first impression of Volunteer for the Visayans?

We felt like VFV is our second home as it is made up of amazing people, and an organization who show hope to everyone.

What do you find about the most challenging part about volunteering?

It is all about handling time, to be always alert and to be ready physically and mentally on the different tasks  and challenges.

Why are you supporting VFV as opposed to other groups working on the same cause?

We support VFV because of its unique projects and with their mission in making a difference in enhancing the lives of international volunteers and the locals in the community. They also enhanced the quality of life of the children enrolled under the program by means of supporting through education, empowering women and communities.

What do you think will change VFV over the next five years?

Developed and improved management, careers for locals, community centers all over the country, advanced learning for the sponsored children and more international and local volunteers to come.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering, donating or working for a cause?

Words of encouragement for future volunteers, donors and sponsors to help and convince those who are really fortunate to share their knowledge, skills and blessings to the poorest sector of society, as well as showing them the proof of things that we accomplished.

Compliments from your VFV family

Their unselfishness act as a local volunteer provides inspiration not only to our Sponsored Children but as well as to everyone. Promoting goodness to each one, to enhance or develop a better life, to be able to help others, to be a responsible part of the community and to gain positive benefits for the volunteer and as well as the person or child. Volunteer for the Visayans would like to express its warmth heartfelt gratitude to our three local volunteers for making a difference in changing the world. “Thank you” and keep up the good job! Kudos!


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