Looking forward: 2014 Medical Mission

Healthcare is one of man’s basic needs and should be given priority. Every human being has the right to avail of quality healthcare services. But in a society where this is not given much importance, communities must rely on what is made available to them.

In rural communities, the only source of health services are the health clinics. These are underfunded and under-equipped, hence the medical staff make the most of the limited resources they have. Health and medical issues that cannot be addressed in the rural health clinic are referred to public hospitals nearby.

The people who avail the services of the clinics are those who cannot afford to see private doctors and pay expensive professional fees. In effect, these serve as the first line of treatment. Supplies provided to the clinics do not last long. Quite often patients have to purchase their own medicines. The medical staff are known for improvising and finding means to procure materials and supplies in order to serve the patients.

Such factors as mentioned above inspires Volunteer for the Visayans to conduct a medical mission once a year. This in no way can fill the needs of the people, but something is better than nothing. VFV chooses and serves a different community each year. Due to the amount of preparation needed, this project is done only once a year.

For the past 13 years, VFV reached out to different communities in an effort to assist them in the area of healthcare. For year 2014, VFV has chosen Pastrana, Leyte as its project beneficiary for the 14th Annual Medical Mission. The mission is schedule on the 25th of April 2014. It will serve the people coming from the villages of Pastrana. As has been practiced, the project will deliver free services such as general consultation, and dental and surgical procedures.

Through the years the success of medical missions have been attributed partly to kind-hearted individuals who continue to believe and support the organization. Many thanks to all of you!


  1. Andrew Macpherson

    Am a BC, Canadian paramedic and want to help in relief efforts.

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