Lunchtime in Cangumbang

Children wash their hands before lunch in Cangumbang

Volunteers at Cangumbang Community Centre have been serving up hearty lunches to youngsters through one of VFV’s feeding programmes.

Volunteers Alban and Melissa have been dishing up tasty meals to up to 30 children who are sponsored through VFV, each lunchtime, five days a week.

Volunteers also teach children about the importance of vitamin intake, handwashing and brushing their teeth.

The volunteers go to the market in the morning and decide for themselves what they want to cook each day. “It’s nice to have the flexibility to choose what to cook,” said Melissa.

Chicken dishes are a favourite amongst the kids, but it’s not only they food they enjoy going to the centre for. Jennilyn, 14, who has been attending the feeding programme for six years, said: “I like the activities we do here too.”


One of the sponsored children tucks into lunch

*Written by volunteer Michelle Curran, journalist and editor from the UK

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