“Make our Mangonbangon River Clean”

IMG_1799Adopt-a-Stero Project is one of VFV’s project designed not only to keep our river clean and healthy but to educate the public on the danger of pollution and the importance of our water bodies.

Mangonbangon river is a stream and is located in downtown of Tacloban City. The river banks are filled with structures and some of the houses encroach the river.

The area is unsafe in times of heavy rain because of clogged up trash the river will overflow which is the result of flooding for that reason we have conducted clean up drives for the last 3 years.

Every year we always carry out a clean up drives to one of our adopted river(Mangonbangon River) for at least 2-4 times every year.

At the moment, we have plan to improve the project not just by cleaning but to increase the public awareness such as  clean-up advertisement (billboards).  This is to have a better understanding of the people who are passing, usually this are students and for the people who are settling in the area.

We have also change the old interlink fences to a newly built fences to prevent or to minimize the direct disposal of rubbish into the river.

IMG_4607In addition we have also created 8 MRF bins to segregate the plastics and tin cans which can be clogged up once thrown to the river and as such, this can also be a generating income for  the community.

Now that the project  has been applied we are asking for the community and the locals for the support,  on how to manage the waste and on how to be a responsible and by restoring the beauty of the river.

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