A new house for Marilyn

Who doesn’t dream of a safe and decent living space? Everyone, right?  Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) is no exception. VFV dreams of building safe and decent new house for the families of its sponsored children through the Build a Home Project . VFV finds generous sponsors to help fund the Build a  Home Project and has found a way to help build a new house for Marilyn.

Marilyn’s old house

Marilyn is one of VFV’s latest Build A Home Project recipient. She is a sponsored child under VFV’s Sponsorship Program. One of Marilyn’s privileges as a sponsored child is qualifying for a Build A Home Project. Marilyn’s family lived in an unsafe living space so it was necessary to build a new house for them. Marilyn has a new house now. It’s a safe and decent living space, not only for herself, but the whole family.

Marilyn resides in Brgy. Lapay, Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines. She lives with her parents and five younger siblings. She attended Lapay Elementary School until sixth grade. During sixth grade, her class had a volunteer teacher. Upon learning of her socio -economic status, the volunteer decided to sponsor her.  The Sponsorship Program provides Marilyn educational support and grocery subsidy on a monthly basis. Marilyn is now in Grade 7 and the Sponsorship Program continues to support her with the help of the sponsor.

Marilyn’s new house

Dulwich College Seoul sponsored Marilyn’s new house.  The group of  Year 12 students from Dulwich College created a fundraiser. The money they raised was spent to build a new house for one family. Dulwich College coordinated with VFV , allowing VFV to choose and recommend which family qualifies for the Build A Home Project.  The students of Dulwich College not only funded the construction of a new house for Marilyn, they also traveled to Tanauan and helped with the actual construction. They spent 5 days working at the building site. The students experienced firsthand the hardship of manual labor. They were also able to meet Marilyn and her family so they found out for themselves that the family they chose to help really deserved to receive assistance.

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