“Ontario Youth Making a Difference”

“The Accessible Education Association Ontario is a youth-led organization devoted to creating educational opportunities for children and youth in underprivileged areas.

This group of high school students aims to deliver and provide educational supplies to underfunded schools such as stationery, textbooks, and novels to children and youth in areas where resources in education are lacking.

10440974_848171871872738_1850447583712967022_n(1)Since founded by Akeda, a grade eleven student at SATEC@W.A PORTER C.I in August 2014, the group has expanded to 20 members and had fund-raised over $2000 for their projects and initiatives.

The group has had many fundraisers in the past few months, including Chuck Your Change, Christmas Caroling, Candies for Classrooms, and Valentines Rose Sales.

Currently, Accessible Education Association Ontario partners with Volunteer for the Visayans to deliver school supplies to two underfunded rural schools in the Philippines.

Akeda and her team is currently adopting Guintigui-an Elementary School (127 students) and Lapay Elementary school (103 students) for a year.

They will be providing the students with educational resources like books, notebooks, pencils, and pens throughout the year.

They are also looking forward to provide a projector for the Guintigui-an Elementary School and fund another school, Tugop Elementary School (203 students) in the near future.

Learn more on AEA : http://www.accessible-education.org/

Written by: Aikeda Ahemaiti

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