Rural Health Clinic Project with Justine and Laureanne

Working at the clinic is one of the corner stones for VFV, as it provides health services and training for medical students.New Picture

Justine and Laureanne are medical students from Canada here for nine weeks.

So far, they’ve completed half of that stay, which they celebrated by going to McDonalds.

For these two VFV volunteers, their day starts at 7:15am meeting at the entrance to the Bliss community.

Where they take a jeepney that takes them about an hour away to their destination in Sta.Fe, Leyte.

According to them, some days can be fairly chaotic, having to see around five hundred patients.

Their main activities consist of taking blood pressure from the patients; interact with doctors and nurses, and depending on the situation they aid in vaccinations.New Picture (3)

At one point, they even helped in delivering a baby. As a media intern, I had the experience of joining them during one of their regular days.

This turned out to be quite fun, there was a party organized for the pregnant women in the area as a way to provide support, give information about family planning, make them dance, eat and enjoy themselves.

The two volunteers and I were invited to join in and both of the girls ended up judging a talent contest created for the pregnant women.

Showing that this job isn’t just about taking blood pressures and stitching up patients but also about joining in with the community.New Picture (1)

For them, every day is a new challenge and an opportunity to learn and practice their trade.

We thank you and wish for you to continue with the good work.


Written and Photo Courtesy: Sergio Romo – Media Intern from Chile/Australia

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