Sponsor a Child in the Philippines / An Inspiration

Jennifer Bargan is one of VFV’s sponsored child. She comes from a family of 9 members and lives

Jennifer doing her sprint warm up

Jennifer doing her sprint warm up

with her 6 siblings and parents in the big town of Sagkahan, Tacloban City, Philippines.

Jennifer has benefited from the Sponsorship Program which provides her basic educational support through her two sponsors.

She became a sponsored child when she was in Grade 1 until now that she is in Grade 10. Aside from performing well academically, she is also very active with the school sports competition (Sagkahan National High School).

Thus in fact, she is an athlete specialized in track and field and has competed in the local, national, and international competition. One of the international games she had was last year in Singapore were she went home with a medal and bringing the name of the school.

As of now, she had accumulated a lot of prestigious medals through her discipline, dedication, hard work and her passion on track and field. Aside from managing her time as a sponsored kid, as a student and being an athlete of the school.  She actually shows an extraordinary effort to balance this three. 

A good role model is very important just like Jennifer.  It will make a big inspiration and will provide an impact to the lives of fellow sponsored children, with the young students, with the school and the community.

Her childhood dream was to become an athlete someday and now she is slowly reaching her dreams, thank you for the continued support of our sponsors.

Making dreams and hope come true through our Sponsorship Program

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