boys laughing and looking at a computer

5 ways to get children interested in computing

VFV Volunteer Philippe made a shock discovery at Mohon elementary school when he first arrived. He found a locked classroom containing brand new computers that had never been used! The computers had been donated when the school was renovated after hurricane Yolanda, and had been sitting there for almost a year. They were now covered

Volunteer Placements for 2014

As we approach the end of the year we are eager to share with all of you our upcoming volunteer opportunities for the beginning of 2014. Since the typhoon our international volunteer program has been entirely focused on relief as it was essential for us to provide relief operations to all our communities. In 2014, we are happy to announce that we will be welcoming volunteers to conduct activities at our three centers across a range of areas and also to participate in other special projects.

Please check out our updated Post-Yolanda Volunteer Page for more information.

Feel the Connection: Sponsor A Child in the Philippines

In today’s world there are literally hundreds of ways to reach out and assist disadvantaged communities and individuals in developing nations. Child Sponsorship, micro financing programs such as and specific social media applications such as the infamous Causes are just a few ways in which you can spend a few bucks to contribute towards something that will make a positive improvement to the life of someone less fortunate.