A new house for Marilyn

Who doesn’t dream of a safe and decent living space? Everyone, right?  Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) is no exception. VFV dreams of building safe and decent new house for the families of its sponsored children through the Build a Home Project . VFV finds generous sponsors to help fund the Build a  Home Project

David “the David Inside” Worth: A Written Interview

We, at VFV, have always been so thankful to have dedicated and passionate volunteers who would always lend us a helping hand and support us with our advocacies. Sir David Worth, a happily-retired Civil Engineer from the UK, makes a perfect example of a volunteer of that sort. In the written interview below, he is

choc muffins close up

Bake for the future! Find out how VFV helps families support themselves.

The sweet smell of cocoa power fills the air. Sounds of eggs cracking followed by whisking. Flour is scooped into measuring jugs, the top carefully leveled off. People are reading recipes, they move confidently and quickly from one step to the next. You would be forgiven for thinking this was a professional bakery but just

valentine's heart

The true meaning of love. VFV volunteer Anna helps empower women at a shelter.

The pretty garden is full of vegetables ready for harvesting, women stroll around sharing jokes with each other, some feed their babies. A perfectly everyday scene until you realize that the women here can’t just walk out of the gates.  For their own safety they need to stay behind the high security fence – they