David “the David Inside” Worth: A Written Interview

We, at VFV, have always been so thankful to have dedicated and passionate volunteers who would always lend us a helping hand and support us with our advocacies. Sir David Worth, a happily-retired Civil Engineer from the UK, makes a perfect example of a volunteer of that sort. In the written interview below, he is

Tutorials offer something for everyone.

Sponsored Child TutorialsBetween 5pm and 7pm every evening, both our sponsored children and volunteers squeeze into our small community center in BLISS Sagkahan to participate in our Child Sponsorship Program’s after-school tutorials.

The activity serves as an educational enhancement sessions and offers the children on our program the opportunity to benefit from the experience and knowledge of international volunteers, to practice their English and to allow our staff to monitor their progress in school. The nature of sessions varies from English comprehension lessons to Mathematics, Science and even non-academic classes which aim to boost confidence and self-esteem.