Retired, but not tired !

Volunteering is for everyone regardless of age. Even retired individuals can enjoy retirement whilst traveling, volunteering, and making a difference. We will share with you Heini’s story. Heini retired from his job in 2010. Since then, he has participated in volunteer programs in many countries like Costa Rica, Vietnam, India, China, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Lifetime Impact of Volunteering

Article and Media by Xavier-Thomas Mendoza     Stories of volunteering are a dime a dozen. Finding programs that offer volunteers the experience to help the less fortunate can be easily searched on any search engine. Their stories are spread all over the web. But, unlike most of these stories, the chapters of Heather Lang’s

VFV’s new home?

Could this dilapidated three room building within the limits of San Roque Elementary School in Tanauan, Leyte be the next location for a Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) Community Center? With over ninety regular program recipients in the area, VFV strongly believes that Tanauan, Leyte could and should be the next location for its community center expansion and with a little bit of help from Department of Education officials, could be made possible by as early as the first quarter of 2012.

Harnessing the Full Power of Facebook

and not just using it as a distraction from our work!

Facebook is now more popular than ever. With over 500 million users, the social media website has successfully institutionalized itself as part of the social norm, completely altering the way in which 1 in 13 people on the planet (and most probably every single Filipino) lead their daily lives.

For us at Volunteer for the Visayans, Facebook is by all means our most powerful tool, offering us a multitude of different quick and easy ways to provide up-to-the-second updates regarding our various ongoing community based projects, not to mention an affordable and easy way for us to promote our volunteer abroad program and to give appropriate shout outs to our fantastic supporters all around the world!