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Let’s Celebrate! 35 Years of the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth.

VFV regularly sends volunteers to the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth to run teaching sessions for residents. Volunteers become part of a dedicated team whose aim is to help troubled boys become model citizens and reintegrate back into society. I was invited to RRCY for its 35th Founding Celebration. Three months of activities are planned

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The true meaning of love. VFV volunteer Anna helps empower women at a shelter.

The pretty garden is full of vegetables ready for harvesting, women stroll around sharing jokes with each other, some feed their babies. A perfectly everyday scene until you realize that the women here can’t just walk out of the gates.  For their own safety they need to stay behind the high security fence – they

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5 ways to get children interested in computing

VFV Volunteer Philippe made a shock discovery at Mohon elementary school when he first arrived. He found a locked classroom containing brand new computers that had never been used! The computers had been donated when the school was renovated after hurricane Yolanda, and had been sitting there for almost a year. They were now covered

FAQ: What to Expect From Volunteering with VFV

We frequently receive inquiries from volunteers that span from their ability to participate in our programs to accessibility to basic needs during their stay to what to expect when they step off the plane. This post is devoted to answering some of those common questions, and please feel free to comment if we missed some