Sign Language is a big hit with homestays.

Deaf Education in the PhilippinesFrequently meeting and providing training for our host families is something that we at Volunteer for the Visayans hold with high regards. Not only does such frequent contact enable us to sustain a healthy and appreciative relationship with our homestay families, but also offers us the opportunity to provide training that our homestay mothers might not necessarily be exposed to should they not be involved in our programs.

Volunteer Testimonial – Timothy Norman

I didn’t quite know what to expect jumping out of the jeepney at Bliss for the first time. Walking down the concrete alley, passing through the arch, I was immediately greeted with smiles and introductions. There was so much to take in the first five minutes, I took comfort knowing I had three weeks to soak it all up and see what the Philippines and the medical mission had in store. It turned out three weeks was no where near long enough for me to ‘soak’ it all up.