Testimonial: Brooke Borgrud

Brooke Borgrud and her friend Meghan McHale volunteered with Mohon Elementary School for 3 weeks. Here is what she said about her experience.

My experience in the Philippines was incredibly eye-opening and life changing. Volunteering through VFV was not only beneficial for the program I served, but for myself. The VFV staff are all Filipinos and are extremely knowledgeable of their culture and the needs of the country. VFV has many placements/programs that are assessed and chosen based off of the needs of the children and people they are supporting. I 100% fell in love with my placement, which was teaching English at Mohon Elementary School. Walking into the school everyday and being greeted by 50 plus students, all with smiling faces and so full of life, made my time spent at Mohon completely worth it. Teaching children that are so respectful, ambitious, and ready to learn, made everyday enjoyable. I will never forget their excitement and gratitude towards me when I simply gave them a couple stickers. These children made my experience! They are so thankful for everything and deserve nothing less then the world!


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