3P’s: Why is Tacloban the best place to Volunteer in the Philippines?

Volunteering in the Philippines is an increasing trend among young people. Whether they are on their gap year, right after they graduated or just for them to acquire new learning and experiences.


You may be asking, why do people choose to volunteer in the Philippines? or where should we volunteer in the Philippines? Well it’s time for us to tell you why you should choose Tacloban as the place to go to!

  1. People.Along with the famous tagline “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” Tacloban is known to be the “Home of the Most Resilient People.” People after tremendously devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda), hardly able to cope up with the aftermath but over the years, still find their own ways to act positively. The hospitality, respect, generosity, religiosity and being family oriented, which are known as famous Filipino traits still remained.

  2. Placement.volunteer in the philippines with the kidsOur organization, Volunteer for the Visayans offers variety of placements to choose from! Our Top 3 Placements are Nutrition Project, Social Welfare Institution for Women and Street Children and Medical/Health Institution. We also offer School/Teaching Placements and Community Development Placements which includes Build-A-Home Project, Adopt-A-School, Annual Swimming Class and Media Internship.

  1. Positive Impact.Volunteering is a two-way learning experience for both the volunteer and the people being helped. As a volunteer, it will help you with your personal growth and will enrich your experience with socialization and cultural awareness. It will also widen your perspective and understanding about the value of helping. As for the locals, it will help them strengthen their self-worth and significance. Importantly, it will also increase their hope to help themselves for their own betterment as other people provide their time to help them.

children smiling in the philippines

Helping and making a difference to others is one of the noblest acts to do by everyone. Above all, the smile that lights up your face and to the face of others is one of the biggest rewards you will ever have.

Do you consider Tacloban as the place to Volunteer in the Philippines? Volunteer with us now!

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Written by: Michelle Dane D. Endaya, RSW

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