The Challenge

Tent City in Tanauan, Leyte

Make a difference. Create a story that is more than about kindness. A story that will change the life of the writer and the  reader. One that will inspire the young and old. One that will speak about the true beauty of humanity.

Volunteer for the Visayans continues its effort to writing simple stories that contributes to the world to become a better place, thus, making a difference. Since being founded on the year 2004, been through ups and downs, been struck by super typhoon, nevertheless, VFV rises to spread the storm surge of love, true giving, hope and volunteering to their fellow victims. VFV exists as a small group but comes out with huge impact!

VFV combines international volunteerism with community development and child sponsorship to address issues facing education, public health and social welfare within the area of Leyte. In detailed, VFV has provided thousands of free meals and thousands of free medical services, provided thousands of school supplies to countless schools. As of today, the organization has had 27 Build-a-Home projects plus 1 on going Build-a-Home project in San Roque, Constructed 6 classsrooms, and Rehabilitated 58 children working in a local dumpsite, provided repetitive social welfare services to 153 children from low-income families.

This incoming month of August 2014, VFV will be wielding another relief effort to the displaced families in the tent city in Tanauan, Leyte. Tanauan is 19km away south of Tacloban and is one of the most devastated town amongst other towns thumped by the recent catastrophic disaster.

VFV had been challenged by time and nature and did proved to themselves and to you that no matter how strong the typhoon was and how exigent a challenge is, VFV is stronger!

Today, VFV challenge YOU to write your story and make a difference!

VOLUNTEER and experience a life changing experience with VFV!

DONATE to help our children live a better tomorrow!

Do you accept the CHALLENGE?!


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