To be a Volunteer for the Visayans

Roxanne St-Pierre, media intern from Canada, was a volunteer for eight weeks in Tacloban City, Philippines.

At the beginning of this internship, I wasn’t expecting to live such an amazing IMG_0926experience.

I remember my first day when I went out of the airport, the sun was shining on my forehead and my shoulders, Waray-Waray language seemed also nice to my ears.

Very different from my country, the Philippines are the hottest place that I have ever visited. I enjoyed starting my day with the sun. I met many people who were so generous with foreigners. To go out of your comfort zone seems maybe easy to say but difficult to do and to deal with it.

To be a volunteer isn’t only give time to a non-profit orgazination, it also to immerge in another culture. A reality that makes me realized the beauty in the volunteering.

As media intern, I have visited many projects which I learn so much of international communication with sponsors, children and the staff. I went to Tanauan, Palo, Santa Fe, Ormoc, Planza Island and more. I was present to take pictures of a lot of events and projects in the community.

Take the jeepney for the first time seems maybe stressful, but VFV were present to make you feel comfortable and IMG_1571safe. I worked with volunteers and staff which supported me during every project.

I published also articles and posts on VFV Facebook each day. In addition, others volunteers and I made a video to promote VFV’s services. An amazing video to show VFV’s projects to the rest of the world.

For a foreigner, like me, to live in the community shows me the beauty of Filipino’s culture. I felt that I was a member of the family during all of my trip.

I could learn their language and their expressions which make me feel happy. Furthermore, I tasted so many Filipino meals which were sweet and tasty. I have to admit that my favorite one is the pancit; I asked my ‘’nanay’’ to give me the recipe before my departure.

Today, it’s my last day in Tacloban City as volunteer. I see things differently, my horizIMG_0142ons have widened, and I’ve grown as much as I have in the past two months than other moment in my life. An incredible experience which I recommend to everybody to live it.

Thank you VFV and all volunteers for contributing to help the community.

Written by: Roxanne St-Pierre – Media Intern from Canada

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