Unofficial triangle bandage sling arm

Unofficial triangle bandage sling arm

Laura’s Craft focuses on making a variety of different products that will be used on the different VFV projects. This time, the Laura’s Craft had made 100 large triangular clothes.

It also called as Triangular Bandage for first aid and emergency situations. This will be used this upcoming October 26, the start day of the Sponsorship Program training for our Sponsored Kids.

The first day will be about on the Basic Life Support and First Aid training that will be conducted with the Tacloban’s City Rescue Unit(TACRU) with our Sponsored Kids, VFV’s College Scholars and the community people here in Bliss, Gymnasium.

The triangular clothes will be used by the kids as well as the community people to learn on the different types of wrapping around the infected area of the body or first aid.

In addition to the different trainings, we will also have some Fire Drills with the Bureau of Fire Protection(BFP) and Disaster Preparedness with the City Disaster Risk Redsuction and Management Office(CDRRMO). This training will be conducted in exactly 5 days. 

Purpose of trainings:

  • In case of emergency situations, calamities or even some minor wounds at least one member of the family will know on what to do.
  • They will also be a responsible part of the community were they can respond to such situation.
  • Diverting attention to all of our teenagers to bad vices such as illegal drugs, alcohol and bad influences.

Thus, this will be a great help to everyone and here in the community.

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