Upcoming IT Library of NTCNHS

The collaboration continues …..

Last 2015 Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV). through its Dumpsite Project had the opportunity to be in partnership with Northern Tacloban City High School (NTCHS), UN International Labour Organization and UN Development Program to address the growing number of children working as scavengers.

A two-classroom building was installed within the premise of NTCHS to serve the elementary, high school and alternative learning students rescued from the dumpsite.

Since the installation of the two-classroom building, the first room serves as a feeding area for the children rescued from the dumpsite with the help of the volunteers, and after feeding time serves as a room, while the other classroom has been maintained for regular and special classes.

This time, the collaboration has been further strengthen to address the need to empower not just the children rescued from the dumpsite but also the rest of almost two-thousand students of NTCHS by converting the other room as an IT Library.

Joining the said collaboration, Eastern Visayas State University – College of Architecture and Allied Discipline Extension Services who will be in-charge in designing the renovation of the room for a new IT Library.

Students of NTCNHS studying carpentry

NTCHS will be providing 49 units of computer and their senior high students studying carpentry will be joining VFV, supervised by former volunteer Charlie Beauchamp-Ward in the fabrication and installation of tables and shelves.

With the information environment changing and growing rapidly, the IT Library will pave the way for the children under the Dumpsite Project and students of NTCHS to have a venue that will provide sources of information necessary for their academic growth, and hopefully build a better future for themselves. 

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