Volunteer for the Visayans’ Gift-Giving

Vfv team singing a Christmas carol songs infront of the children in Ormoc City


Traditionally, Volunteer for the Visayans give out gifts every year to different placements and projects.

Volunteer for the Visayans has managed to accumulate a number of donations such as  toys and clothes from previous volunteers and various donors.

This enabled us to distribute or give out simple gifts to children from disadvantaged backgrounds and to different RHU.

December 17, RHU , Tacloban City , Orphanages , Street Children , Womens Shelter.

December 18  ,  Ormoc City , Hayag , Lingap Center, Boys Holding Center.

Rural Health Unit (RHU) clinics serve as the only source of free healthcare for impoverished communities in rural towns around Tacloban City.

It is at these clinics where one doctor and a handful of nurses have the sole responsibility of looking after a community of thousands of people whilst at the same time having only a limited number of resources at their disposal.

Thank you Rural Health Unit (RHU) in providing healthcare for the people in each community.

Child Welfare institutes such as private and government funded orphanages in the Philippines do not possess the necessary funding to extend their services past basic care and social welfare support.

As a result abandoned, orphaned and neglected children very rarely get the opportunity to experience the pleasure of receiving gifts.

Many of this orphans are often undernourished and have previously suffered from great deals of neglect.

We were happy to see the smiles on every child’s faces once they received and opened their gifts.

In future , if your child’s toy box or clothes is looking a little overcrowded and you are thinking of discarding a few items to the trash, we ask you to reconsider. Volunteer for the Visayans will take any of your donation to distribute it to some of the most disadvantaged children in Leyte.

Please click the link to help and donate  https://visayans.org/donations

Written by: Aleth Young – Volunteer Program Coordinator

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