valentine's heart

valentine’s heart

By volunteering in a women’s shelter, you can help promote female empowerment to some of the most disadvantaged and abused women in the Filipino society.

Issues such as domestic abuse, trafficking and abandonment can leave many women in the Philippines feeling isolated and despondent.

Many situations are not brought to the attention of authorities; however, the women in the shelter were referred to the court and placed in the program for their safety and to receive rehabilitative services.

The aim for volunteers placed at the shelter by VFV is to assist the staff in helping the women develop a support system, strengthen problem-solving and coping skills, and develop livelihood skills.

You will not only assists the shelter staff with the ongoing day-to-day activities, but also has the opportunity deliver livelihood development training former volunteers have delivered guitar lessons, craft making, cooking or wordprocessing.

Passing on such skills the women promotes independence, female empowerment and prepares them for life back in society. Volunteer for the Visayans wants to support the women’s shelter by helping to promote their livelihood projects but needs volunteers to help develop ideas and encourage creativity at the shelter.


The broad range of services provided by the program address the global needs of these victimized women. However, because the program is understaffed, it cannot provide the women with sufficient individual attention, without help from volunteers. Your duties will depend on individual experience and skills, but may include working on skills building, running recreational activities, conducting livelihood classes, and providing informal education.

You will work closely with the women in small group settings, and at times individually. Many of the women will be struggling with issues related to victimization – feelings of depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, guilt, and shame. Volunteers who are able to relate to the women in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner will help to empower them – and truly make a difference.


Project Duration: 4 weeks (minimum) – 6 months (maximum)

Cost: $1,190 US Dollars for 4 weeks, $120 for each week thereafter.

Availability: Project Open All Year

Project Location: Palo, Leyte

Requirements: Minimum age 18; must be female

Training: Pre-Departure information sent during application process; in-depth local orientation conducted upon arrival.

Experience: No formal training is required though it is important that volunteers be compassionate, non-judgmental, and adaptable. Prospective volunteers who have experienced similar childhood trauma should have received counseling for themselves as working in this type of setting may result in the surfacing of painful, unresolved personal issues.

Working Hours: 08:00am – 12 noon, Monday to Friday (minimum)

Activities: Conduct educational & recreational activities, skills training, livelihood development.

What is included: Airport Reception, Accommodation with local host family, 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner), program orientation, Waray Waray language lesson, 24 hour local staff support

What’s Not Included: International or Domestic Airfares, Insurance or Visa