To Filipinos, education is very essential. It is our main stepping stone to cut the cycle of poverty. Rural elementary schools in the Philippines provide free basic education to children from all walks of life, including those with special needs.

English is one of the major subjects taught to our children. A good command of the English language is an advantage when seeking employment. It has been proven that in order to be competitive, an applicant has to be able to speak excellent English.

Teachers consider it a huge help when English native speakers come to volunteer in their respective schools to assist them. Generally, volunteers are assigned to handle the English subject. With an English-speaking “teacher”, the students are able to practice and improve their command of English. Additionally, these foreign volunteers serve as inspirations to our children.

Aside from teaching English, you may also get involved by conducting dance and music sessions.

Teaching opportunities for children with special needs are also available. With a limited number of specialized teachers to handle children with autism, hearing impairment, visual impairment, and other special needs, there is a demand for volunteers who can assist local teachers.

Volunteers who want to make an impact in the lives of our young pupils can either work with regular children or those that need special attention.

Volunteer with Special Education

Volunteer with Special Education

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Teach English in a Rural School