Volunteer Placements for 2014

As we approach the end of the year we are eager to share with all of you our upcoming volunteer opportunities for the beginning of 2014. Since the typhoon our international volunteer program has been entirely focused on relief as it was essential for us to provide relief operations to all our communities. In 2014, we are happy to announce that we will be welcoming volunteers to conduct activities at our three centers across a range of areas and also to participate in other special projects.

Please check out our updated Post-Yolanda Volunteer Page for more information.

We are currently planning our first steps in the rebuilding process and hope to commence our first repair and construction projects by mid-January, offering interested international volunteers the chance to help construct new homes and complete needed repairs to those damaged by the storm.

Our Feeding programs have begun once again, and we are now welcoming volunteers to join us in providing meals not only for our sponsored children but also to once again begin conducting Nutrition Projects for undernourished children in communities across the local area.

By mid-January many schools are due to begin holding classes, but others are still left completely devastated by the storm or are unable to hold normal full-day classes for students. With that in mind, we are welcoming volunteers interested in providing supplemental education services for our sponsored children as well as many other children in the communities we serve. We hope to host tutorials, special activities, and educational lessons at all three of our centers through the help of international volunteers interested in working directly with our children.

We are also happy to have more than half our home stay families back up and running and eager to accept volunteers in to their homes and once again provide a loving, hospitable, welcoming environment for all our international volunteers.

Looking in to the future, VFV will continue to support our communities in any way possible and we are determined to help rebuild homes, rebuild communities, and most importantly rebuild lives. Our organization is devoted to helping people, and our mission has not been shaken by the recent typhoon, only strengthened.

We cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for every single person who has reached out to us in any way since November 8th, 2013. All of you have helped us reach this point in recovery and relief and brought us hope for the year to come.


With our most sincerest thanks,

The VFV Team

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