Volunteering FAQ’s

1. What are the living arrangements like for volunteers?

Volunteers are placed with local Filipino families carefully selected to host  international volunteers. Living arrangements are simple. Volunteers are provided their own room (or a shared room with another volunteer) but most houses only have one “C.R.” (bathroom) for the family. Click here to learn more about where you will stay.

2. Is it ok if I’m vegetarian?

Filipinos eat a lot of meat and fish in their diet. It may be more challenging for vegetarians to find acceptable food in the Philippines (especially since Typhoon Yolanda) but fruits, vegetables, rice, and eggs are usually available. Our homestay families have extensive experience in accommodating volunteers with special dietary restrictions as well.

3. Can I volunteer with a friend?

We can accommodate friends or partners that want to volunteer together.

4. Will I be met at the airport?

Our local staff will greet you at the airport when you arrive. Make sure you send us your flight itinerary before you leave so we know when you will arrive.

5. How long can I volunteer for?

We can accommodate volunteers from any duration of stay as of November 2013. For longer placements, it may be necessary to extend your visa once you are here.

6. Will I be able to communicate with locals at my volunteer project?

Waray-Waray is the local dialect of northern Leyte. English is taught in the schools starting in grade one, so most people can understand and speak English very well.

7. What is your age policy?

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Volunteers younger than 18 must present a letter of parental consent.

8. Can I bring my laptop?

Some volunteers do opt to bring their laptops, however we do ask volunteers to be conscious of their electricity consumption in homestays.