We are family! Families can volunteer with VFV too!

This week we welcome a Norwegian family to our VFV home.

Vidar, Guro and their two sons – Jarand (5) and Hakon (4) have come to spend 6 weeks at the VFV Center in Bliss. They will all be living with a host family about 30 seconds walk from the center. Vidar and Guro are keen for their young sons to experience life in another country. They hope that Jarand and Hakon will realise how lucky they are to have things that many children in the Philippines don’t have.

Vidar and Guro (assisted by their sons!) will run morning activities for our sponsored children. This will keep the children entertained and provide some down time for their parents during the summer holidays. VFV staff will be on hand to assist and translate.

a girl doing yoga

Relaxing yoga

Keep calm and do yoga!

Twenty-two excited children turned up at the VFV Center for the first day of activities.
Guro started things off with a peaceful yoga session. Although new to yoga the children followed the poses well and enjoyed relaxing.

playing the shoe game

The shoe game

The ‘shoe’ game
Next Vidar livened things up with the ‘shoe’ game. Here’s how you play it:
• Divide the players into two teams.
• Each team has to take their shoes off and put them at one end of the room then line up behind each other.
• When the referee says ‘go’ the first child in each team has to run to the pile of shoes, find theirs and put them on.
• They then have to run back to their team and tag the next child who in turn has to run and find their shoes, put them on and tag the next in line and so on.
• The first team to have everyone with their shoes on wins.




After a quick recovery from the shoe game it was time for musical chairs. A favorite with children the world over.
In between games the family introduced themselves to the children and told them about their home country – Norway. The children were very interested in the pictures of snow and how to build a snowman.

Time passes quickly when you are having fun and the morning is over all too soon. The children are tired but have big smiles on their faces.

Tomorrow they will be ready to have more fun with their new family.

Is your family is ready for an adventure? Find out how to volunteer as a family and run activities at our community center.


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